i am buying a house


Sure. What would you like to ask?


do i need to contact my provider before i buy a house with kiwisaver?


It is important that you contact your KiwiSaver provider as soon as you begin thinking about buying a house. You will need to apply to use the money, and if the application is not processed by settlement, you cannot access the money at all.


How much can I withdraw?


If you’re eligible, you can apply to withdraw the total amount in your KiwiSaver account, except for $1,000 and any amount transferred from an Australian complying superannuation scheme.

Remember, you can only use your KiwiSaver funds as part of your settlement but not for the deposit!


I’ve heard about a homestart grant. What is it?


The HomeStart grant provides eligible first-home buyers with a grant of up to $5,000 for individuals, or up to $10,000 where there are two or more eligible buyers to put towards the purchase of an existing home. These amounts double where it is a brand new home that is being purchased.


who should i talk to about it?


The HomeStart grant is administered by Housing New Zealand.


How do I find out if the house has EQC issues?


You can always talk to the property owner or real estate agent and say that it is a condition of sale that you are provided with a full and accurate statement of all EQC claims for the property, including settled and outstanding claims. And If you go ahead with the purchase of the property, either the seller’s lawyer or your lawyer can draft a Deed of Assignment, transferring any relevant claim entitlement to you.


How do I get the reports from EQC?


Hmm… It depends. If you have lodged the claim, simply call them on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326243) or email info@eqc.govt.nz. Be sure to have your claim number ready if you call, and include it with every email. However, EQC won’t be able to provide any information to those people who are not listed as claim contacts on the file.


i need a lawyer to buy a house


Yes, absolutely. Get your lawyer or solicitor involved as early as possible – this will save you money.


can you help me find a lawyer


I can show you lawyers in your location or ask you a few questions and then send your answers to lawyers I know. What would you like?


ask me questions


I will be glad to help. Let me ask you several quick questions.

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Shehan de Silva is a Partner at Corcoran French. His areas of expertise include commercial, business and  property law, and providing guidance, representation and negotiation support to landowners who are having their land acquired for a public work. He commenced his legal career in Auckland as an in-house counsel for a large national company  and then took over the legal supervision for its South Island branches.


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