5 things you should do to simplify your small law firm management

By: Anatoly Khorozov / August 23, 2018

Small law firm owners often find themselves pulled in several different directions at the same time to keep their business running smoothly. They commonly have to simultaneously wear hats of a boss, employee, and subcontractor. This makes balancing the workload very challenging because if they focus too much on practising law, managing the firm becomes unmanageable. According to the Thomson Reuters 2016 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Study small law firms spend around 40 percent of the time on activities other than practising law.

Here are 5 ways to simplify your life when you are running a small law firm.

Get Good Practice Management Software

The practice management software is a good first move turning to tech in general. This software is helping businesses grow by coordinating some of the most vital financial, logistical and communication aspects of your practice. Obviously, every firm will have different needs, so before choosing the software consider what pain points or tasks you want the system to help you solve.

Consider Chatbots

Using the latest technologies like AI and Chatbots can help simplify your business. A Chatbot that lives on your website or Facebook page, if you have one, will answers questions from prospects and clients 24/7/365. This technology will make your business communications immediate and overwhelming and it’s quite attainable for small firms. Some chatbots are also good in helping you with automation (see below).

Automate Common Precedents

Because many of the documents and contacts that you do for your clients are pretty standard, automating them eases your burden. Using the automation software or even a plugin or a chatbot will help your practice grow by automating some of the time-consuming documenting tasks of your daily routines, so you can instead focus on creative and customer-facing work.

Rely on Procedures

Don’t just make these up. Put them on templates so everyone can use them. Having everyone on the same page when it comes to how things get done makes your workday much smoother.

Shift to Cloud

The cloud is definitely good for simplifying your business as it eliminates the high cost of hardware and software, and you can opt for a subscription-based model that suits your budget. It also promotes scalability and allows the business to scale as and when it is needed. It’s a safe place to store all kinds of digital information including customer data.

Outsource What Can be Outscored

Focus on what you do well – practice the law. Spreading your energy on other tasks that are important for your practice but you’re not so good at isn’t helping your business. For instance, setting up Facebook or AdWords marketing campaigns can be challenging and time-consuming and you can effectively keep the actual costs down when you’re outsourcing this kind of tasks.


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