Active Associate

By: admin / June 5, 2017

With shifts in demand for legal services, changes in consumer behaviour, and whole new world of legal tech, small and medium law firms are grappling with the challenges posed by digital disruption. Active Associate helps law firms find new customers, engage them profitably and enhance productivity in this constantly changing environment.


The Active Associateā„¢ solution helps you find new customers with high lifetime value by multiplying the power of conversational Artificial Intelligence and social network integration. Such customers are mobile, get referrals via social networks, and expect an instant response from a business.

Active Associate accelerates the path from a visitor enquiry to a paid engagement and helps you get repeat business from existing customers. It engages visitors in helpful relevant conversations about their needs and connects them with your team, and it helps you keep existing customers engaged.

Active Associate helps you enhance the productivity of your team by reducing non-billable time, filtering out low-value enquiries and automating routine operations like setting up appointments, follow-up, information gathering, data capture and maintenance.