Changes coming to Facebook: Implications for Law Firms

By: Anatoly Khorozov / February 9, 2018

People who are following what is going on with Facebook will be aware, that Mark Zuckerberg announced radical changes which will come to Facebook soon. His aim is, for users to create more meaningful and personal connections. In times when marketing through social media plays a crucial role, Mark Zuckerberg new focus is fewer ads and more personal interaction. It seems the company’s objective is, going back where it once began: a platform which connects family and friends.

How will that be done?
Facebook will create a new algorithm, which in the future will prioritise personal posts and comments rather than focusing on brands, businesses, services or products. With other words, Facebook’s aim is for the user to spend more interactive time with friends and family, rather than passively reading article after article or watch videos, which are actually not on the user’s immediate focus.

The bottom line is cut clear: Public posts will take a back seat, while personal posts step into the foreground.

Will those changes affect your Law Firm?
While there will be changes to the news feed of Facebook, most people believe, that, with some adjustments, there are ways to get around. Most people, who understand the business of social media marketing agree that internet and social media marketing will always be of prime importance. If really all should fail, there is still paid advertising. And therein lies the catch: Without paid advertising, Facebook would cease to exist. The assumption is that in the future it might take a bit longer to build the traffic for your law firm, but Facebook will need its advertisers for the simple fact of surviving. Most likely you can continue with the advertising campaigns you have already in place without implementing any changes.

The new words for a new Facebook: Interactivity and shareability
Those people who follow your law firm already on Facebook still will see your posts in their news feed. The new challenge is, getting your posts to those people who are not following you yet. To make people speak about your posts and therefore getting your law firm to the top you will need a strong content. Content that engages people makes them talk about your law firm. The longer and more meaningful those posts are, the better for a boost.

Taking advantage of Groups
One can safely assume, that people within a certain Facebook group share the same or at least partly the same interests. As an administrator or a member of a group, this way you can introduce your content to many people in a short time. The idea is that your content is that engaging, that people start to discuss your post within the group. Other Facebook users, those who are not members of the group might stop by, just to see what is going on in this group. Another way, to share your content with strangers. As a Facebook user, you can set up a group for that particular page. Make sure your content stays strong and is updated on a regular basis.

Build your strength
Whatever the coming changes on Facebook will be, you hold the keys to your visibility on Facebook in your hands. Keep your quality content up; make it even higher if you can. Engage with your audience and give people an added value. If your content has a value, which resonates with people, they will talk about you. That will set you apart from your competition and keeps on top of the social media platform.