How can AI Chatbots change the future of law firms?

By: Anatoly Khorozov / August 3, 2018

Following the recent app revolution, chatbots are now the new trend in the tech world. The big data, machine learning and other AI features are catching up to leverage better results and this evolution has lead to conversational chatbots. Today, conversational engagement is one of the hottest tech trends and the law industry is amongst the leader for its use.

Without any doubts, the chatbots have come up with promising future impacting work efficiency and running costs. With chatbot automation, there will be a major impact, the way law firms run and operate the business.

What are the advantages of chatbots?

Well, this is a natural question asked by many law firms. Before implementing a chatbot, all want to have a fair answer “how integrating Chatbot can be more fruitful than an app or a website. Here are some of the advantages listed that can help to understand the abovementioned question.

To start with, there is no need to download anything. Unlike apps, customers do not have to download a chatbot.

Secondly, in websites and apps, there is so much happening on the screen, which sometimes confuses users where to click. However, with the chatbot, the customer knows exactly what to do as the interaction is assisting through a process. Chatbots are basically programmed for helping to navigate the customers through the required services via text and/or pre-programmed buttons.

And on top of all that, chatbots can be used in multiple ways to execute different business processes automation like data processing, from filling, scheduling, alerts, etc.

AI-enabled chatbots can be seen as a tool for human enhancement than to see them as a tool which can replace the human being. That simply is not the case. The AI revolution is to help humans with smart work execution but not to replace lawyers.

Chatbots will enable to free efficient lawyers from doing monotonous jobs and enable them to invest their time in thinking to solve some critical problems.

Chatbots, an emerging trend in the law industry, believed to be the future of customer experience and business automation. They won’t replace humans lawyers completely, however, they will be used to offer real human-like and sophisticated interactions to enhance the customer experience. The collaboration of humans and AI Chatbots showcase the perfect paragon of business leadership.