Leveraging chatbots

By: Anatoly Khorozov / November 20, 2018

The size of the chatbot market is growing exponentially. Gartner forecasts that, by 2020, more than 25 per cent of customer service operations will be handled without a human. A Juniper Research report estimates that chatbot adoption in banking, retail and health care will be responsible for cost savings of more than $11 billion annually by 2023. In fact, the PwC report, “Bot.Me: A revolutionary partnership, How AI is pushing man and machine closer,” found that 31 per cent of business executives believe that more than any other AI-powered solution, virtual personal assistants will have the largest impact on their business.

Chatbots are not just client-facing but can be used to automate customer intake online as well as other business tasks. In the legal space, chatbots can be used to collect information to automate legal document creation and enhance client experiences. For lawyers, chatbots could be leveraged while delivering these services at a lower cost, for around-the-clock and just-in-time services.

To consider how chatbots could be used in law, we would like to take you to the following apps.

DoNotPay is a legal technology that uses an artificial intelligence software (chatbots) to assist consumers with different (primarily small-dollar-amount) legal issues, such as fighting parking tickets or flight refunds. The software proceeds to have a conversation with the user to determine the best course of action for each specific situation.

In the days following the Equifax breach announcement, DoNotPay’s founder, Joshua Browder, announced a version of the DoNotPay app that would provide people affected by the data breach with legal information and completed PDF forms that could be used to file a case in court. The software provided a way for millions of Americans to understand their legal rights and prepare legal court documents for free. However, critics of the software said that it didn’t adequately advise or counsel people on how to quantify damages suffered, if suffered at all, and did not advise them that they would not be able to participate in a future class action lawsuit.

Criticism aside, DoNotPay has garnered quite a bit of attention in the legal technology space because of its use of AI and its focus on access to justice. Imagine all the small-dollar-amount legal issues that your family or friends come to you about, such as overcharges on a phone bill, being rebooked on a flight or a parking ticket. It doesn’t make economical sense for a lawyer to spend time on these issues, when they could be assisted cheaper by AI bots.

Another legal chatbot is Destin.ai, a Canadian-based legal software that describes itself as an “immigration assistant” in Canada. The welcoming and easy-to-understand website employs a Facebook Messenger chatbot to determine the eligibility of the inquirer of immigration to Canada.

Chatbots can be used not only to provide legal information to the public but also to automate and improve marketing or daily tasks done by a lawyer. One such software is LawDroid, which assists lawyers to schedule appointments, dictate notes, create and assign tasks, all with the power of your voice. As opposed to DoNotPay, LawDroid is lawyer facing and can assist lawyers to create their own chatbot for their websites. An around-the-clock chatbot could assist in converting website visitors to leads and standardize law firm tasks, among other things.

The future is bots, and lawyers can take advantage of them to improve their law firm service.

Chatbots are just one example or instance of AI in the law. It does not include other examples in legal research such as ROSS or contracts analysis such as Kira. The potential of chatbots is huge and AI generally, and its uses continue to grow.

Hopefully, this inspires you to experiment and deploy your own law firm chatbot. Here at Active Associate we at the leading edge of applying chatbot and intelligent assistant technologies to solving problems experienced by many law firms. If your practice would like to talk to a team of professionals who can develop standalone single-purpose chatbot or comprehensive solution – we’re at your service!

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